Meanwhile Down on the Farm

We strive to use the very best products in all of the meals that we provide for you. This week's menu features chicken, pork, duck and turkey from Gunthorp Farms in LaGrange, Indiana. The owner, Greg Gunthorp and his farm have been profiled recently in two national publications. We are proud to to use his products and will also be partnering with Gunthorp Farms for the upcoming Localicious fund-raiser at the Good Food Fest. We hope that you can join us there at the UIC Forum on March 14 & 15.

Knowing your farmer and where your food comes from is important to us.  We're sharing this article from Rodale News on factory farmed chicken in the US:

'Is supermarket chicken healthy? You may think twice after reading how most chickens are raised in the United States" Read more from Rodale News

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