About Our Service

Chef Crafted, Home Style Meals, Freshly Prepared and Delivered to You. Heat and eat at your convenience. 

Organic, Locally Sourced Ingredients, GMO Free 

Free Pick-up on any size order at any of our convenient hubs.


Here’s a few answers to commonly asked questions:

    What Comes With Each Entrée?
    You receive two side dishes for each entrée depending on the entrée and the meal plan. 

    Can I Order for just One Person?
    Yes, you may order for one person, or as many as six.

    Do I Have to Order Every Week?
    No, there is no subscription or obligation. You order when it’s convenient.

    When and How Do I Order?

    Order through Sunday Evening at 7:00pm for Tuesday or Wednesday Delivery.

    Order through Wednesday Evening at 9:00pm for Friday or Saturday Delivery.

    Do You Charge for Delivery?

    Delivery Fees: 
    Orders over $50  $3 charge
    Orders below $50: $6 charge
    Free Pick-up on any size order at our kitchen or a pick up hub.

    When Do You Deliver?

    Tuesday evening to North Shore, Barrington, and Buffalo Grove areas
    Wednesday delivery to the Northwestern and the Western Suburbs. 
    Friday evening to Lake Zurich, Barrington, and Buffalo Grove areas. 
    Saturday delivery to the Northwestern and the Western Suburbs

    Do I need to be Home when you Deliver?
    We prefer to deliver directly from our fridge to yours. Since we deliver in the late afternoon or early evening, we try to schedule our deliveries when someone will be home. If you cannot be home on a particular evening, then we ask that you leave out a cooler and we'll leave your order inside with chill bricks.

    What if I have Dietary Restrictions or Preferences?
    We realize that everyone has their own likes, dislikes and certain things that they cannot eat. We do our very best to accommodate your food preferences. 

    Garlic, onions, shallots, celery, and carrots are used extensively in our kitchen. We can, however, adapt certain menu items to be prepared without garlic. If we are unable to do so, we will contact you and suggest a substitution.

    All items listed as Gluten Free are made with gluten free ingredients.  Our kitchen facility, however, is not a certified gluten free kitchen.  Products containing wheat, soy, nuts, and corn are produced in this kitchen as well.  Please share your allergy / intolerance concerns with us when you order.

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