French Braised Chicken Thighs
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French Braised Chicken Thighs

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French Style Braised Chicken Thighs - 

Indulge in the classic taste of French cuisine with our French Braised Chicken. Chicken thighs slowly simmered in a flavorful blend of shallots, fresh herbs, chicken stock, vinegar, and tomatoes. This dish combines traditional techniques with pasture raised chicken for a truly savory meal. Bon appétit!

Chicken thigh on the bone, pan seared and braised with chicken stock, shallots, tomatoes, vinegar, garlic, and fresh herbs. Served with roasted potatoes and seasonal vegetable.  Dark Meat Only - Gluten Free, Keto & Paleo Friendly, Grain Free Nutrition: 9 oz / 271 grams: 453 calories; 25 grams fat; 8 grams carbohydrates; 39 grams protein.


Small - Two pieces

Family - Five Pieces