A message to our customers regarding Covid 19

A number of you have reached out to us regarding what we are doing to safeguard against COVID-19. The Department of Agriculture published information confirming that food and dairy products have NOT been identified as a source of COVID-19 infection. While we have always followed, if not exceeded, best practices for food production, we want to reinforce that we are strictly following all food safety, sanitation and personal hygiene standards.

Delivery Protocol

All deliveries will be no contact - our drivers will leave your order on the porch, ring the bell and leave.

There’s no existing playbook for how a food delivery business should respond to COVID-19, and so any time there’s even a trace of doubt about the safety of a team member or customer, you can always rely upon us to act with utmost caution.

Our commitment to everyone’s safety is paramount.

Let's support and check on the most vulnerable among us and remember that we are all in this together.


Tom and Lori Leavitt