Community Support Pages - Local & National


During this unprecedented crisis we're working to 
support frontline health care workers at our neighborhood hospitals.
You can help, too, by supporting these organizations
who are working tirelessly in our communities.
We've assembled a list of local and national organizations to help in many ways:

Support for Frontline Healthcare Workers:

Frontline Foods - Raises funds from the community to support local restaurants and feed heroes working on the frontlines. 
Frontline Foods is partnered with World Central Kitchen, a tax-exempt, registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization and all donations will be made and distributed through World Central Kitchen. All donations made in connection with this project are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Support for Restaurant Workers who've lost their jobs due to the crisis:

Lakeview Pantry -  Working to feed Chicago’s vulnerable populations during the COVID-19 outbreak, but to also invest in the city’s restaurant industry which has experienced massive financial losses and layoffs due to forced closure.

World Central Kitchen - Confronted by the immediate and longer term ramifications of our current reality, WCK has activated a solutions-oriented movement to support and inspire people, food relief efforts, and food businesses across the country.

Lee Initiative - Restaurant Workers Relief Program. Turning restaurants across the country into relief centers with local chefs for any restaurant worker who has been laid off or has had a significant reduction in hours and/or pay. 

The James Beard Foundation Food and Beverage Relief Fund - provide micro-grants to independent food and beverage businesses in need. The purpose of the the Fund is to provide critical financial assistance to small, independent restaurants that, due to the COVID-19 national disaster, have an immediate need for funds to pay set operating expenses and keep from going out of business.

General Volunteering:

 Be A Neighbor - Online volunteer platform for mobilizing every possible neighbor who can be a volunteer.