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Now offering you a weekly menu using only the freshest, highest quality locally sourced and organic ingredients.

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Home Delivery - White Oak Fresh 2 U


White Oak Gourmet uses the freshest, highest quality ingredients.


Locally Sourced

We use local farms for our meat and produce.

Locally Sourced


Committed to improving our food system, Chef Tom is a member of Ground Up, Slow Food Chicago and a board member of the Spence Farm Foundation.



Chef Camp

Chef Camp on Spence Farm

Bikeloc Potluck on Spence Farm

Down on the Farm

Peas on Earth Produce 007

Summer Color

Cherry Chocolate Ganache Tarts

Sweet Dreams

What Our Clients are Saying

Your whitefish with horseradish sauce is legendary……

– Zena

Yes, please bring a dozen eggs.  I look forward to seeing what the farmer that you are working with has to offer and converting us away from store-bought eggs.  You are a great influence on us.

– Janice B

First of all I just remembered that we loved the baked ziti! Loved it! And tonight we had the curried fish. Are you kidding me?!!! Awesome. And the tartlets are my favorite dessert so far! – Heidi C.

As usual, all of the food is awesome! . . . Love the quinoa cereal and the new Asian salad dressing!

– Heidi C

WOOHOO!!! Mac-N-Cheese is AWESOME!!!

– Lisa D